Fiscal Federalism 2022 - OECD

Fiscal Federalism 2022

On 20 December 2021 the OECD released the publication Fiscal Federalism 2022: Making Decentralisation Work, which surveys recent trends and policies in intergovernmental fiscal relations and subnational government. Accessible and easy-to-read chapters provide insight into: good practices in fiscal federalism; the design of fiscal equalisation systems; measuring subnational tax and spending autonomy; promoting public sector performance across levels of government; digitalisation challenges and opportunities; the role of subnational accounting and insolvency frameworks; funding and financing of local government public investment; and early lessons from the COVID-19 crisis for intergovernmental fiscal relations.

This volume is the product of the OECD’s Network on Fiscal Relations across Levels of Government, founded in 2003. The Network is a unique high-level body at the OECD that «horizontally brings together the expertise of multiple fields». The Network addresses a wide range of challenges for intergovernmental fiscal relations, whether macroeconomic, structural and administrative, anseeks to contribute to stronger, fairer and more stable economies as well as improving the well-being of citizens.


The publicaction is available here.